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Nominal voltage: 3.7V

Power type – widely used in cordless power tools, weeders and other equipment. Advantages: good consistency, high safety and long cycle life

Nominal capacity: 4000mAh@0.2C

Maximum continuous discharge current:5C-20000mA

Recommended ambient temperature for cell charging and discharging: 0~45 ℃ during charging and -20~60 ℃ during discharging

Internal resistance: ≤ 20m Ω

Height: ≤71.2mm

Outer diameter:≤21.85mm
Weight: 68±2g

Cycle life: Normal atmospheric temperature25℃ 4.2V-2.75V +0.5C/-1C 600 cycles 80%

Safety performance: Meet gb31241-2014, gb/t36972-2018, ul1642 and other standards

The meaning of 21700 battery usually refers to a cylindrical battery with an outer diameter of 21mm and a height of 70.0mm. Now companies in Korea, China, the United States and other countries are using this model. At present, there are two popular 21700 batteries on sale, namely 4200mah (21700 lithium battery) and 3750mah (21700 lithium battery). 5000mAh (21700 lithium battery) with larger capacity will be launched soon.

21700 battery origin

When it comes to the appearance of 21700 batteries, Tesla must be mentioned. The 21700 battery was initially developed by Panasonic for Tesla. At the investor’s press conference on January 4, 2017, Tesla announced that the new 21700 battery jointly developed with Panasonic would start mass production. This battery would be produced in gigafactory super battery factory. Tesla CEO musk said that the power density of the 21700 new battery is the highest energy density and lowest cost battery in the world, and the price will be more accessible.

On July 28, 2017, the first batch of Tesla Model3 equipped with 21700 batteries was delivered, becoming the first 21700 pure electric new energy vehicle in the world, with a minimum price of $35000. The emergence of 21700 batteries has made Model3 the most affordable model for Tesla so far.

It can be said that Tesla Model3 fully enabled the 21700 battery, and entered a new stage of cylindrical battery capacity improvement.

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